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Here you can entry in my private world and know my family, my friends, my passions, my home and all that I love most.

The SS is inspired by the Italian Vittoriale Park: an astonishing and unique location created by Gabriele D'Annunzio on Garda's Lake and exceptionally granted for our movie by the Vittoriale Foundation.

A collection of dresses, skirts, tops, shirts and army gilets, embroidered with sorbet colours for nights out, parties, cocktails and gala.

Iconic contemporary dresses dominated by colours. When split, these dresses become everyday key clothing for alluring, post-modern sophisticated women.

The silhouettes are simple, but magnified by “neo-boldist” sleeves, ruches, Japanese embroidered ribbons and fabrics of the finest quality:from the pure duchesse silks, georgettes and crépe, to the Jaquard fancy and organdies embroidered in “all over” to floral patterns recalling mazes.

White, yellow, raspberry, orchid, water, mint and pink.

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