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Simone Rainer

Simone Rainer, born in 1985 in Vipiteno – Italy. Since he was a child he was fascinated by the fashion and design. After scientific studies, in 2004, he moved to Milan to take a course in tailoring and pattern-making. After fleeting experiences in the clothing industry, then a chance encounter in the world of leather goods, it was a love at first sight that he would never forget.
The Simone Rainer brand reinforces the idea of cohesion between two distant worlds: that of the traditional and handcrafted ‘Made in Italy’ leather industry and that of abstract geometry.
A handbag collection developed from numerical studies related to a unique proportion: the golden ratio. The result is a concrete and aesthetic progression of mathematical proportions, innate in nature and well-established in the Western aesthetics, synonyms of beauty and perfection.
These are the key elements chosen by Simone Rainer to establish in 2011 his brand, conceptually conceived to marry preciousness with a tactile experience.
The passion for scientific world, a tight connection with tanneries and craftsmanship influence and strength the style and the visionary uniqueness of the products. The obsession for the shapes of triangles, pentagons and circles, enclosed in the logo, push the product towards an iconic design. Still keeping the functionality as main focus of the handbags, the product has an enigmatic and primordial spirit, full of symbolic and alchemical connections that highlight materials and justify their existence.